Darryl Warren

Senior Consultant | Indianapolis, IN


Darryl is a Human Resources consultant and IA Program Leader. He connects quickly and authentically with clients and learners, meeting people where they are to build trust and rapport. 

As an experienced organizational leader (Exxon Mobil, Olin Chemical and smaller businesses), Darryl understands the challenges leaders experience delivering results with and through others. 

The two Facilitative Leadership practices Darryl references the most are Focus on Results, Process & Relationship and Seek Maximum Appropriate Involvement. Many people leaders challenges are related to balancing attention between tasks and relationships. Referencing this simple triad helps define immediate priorities. Seeking Maximum Appropriate Involvement is a strategic approach for determining which stakeholders should be included, and how, in the decision-making process.

Darryl’s holds a BBA from the University of Miami in Florida, MBA from Indiana Wesleyan, and ABD- Doctor of Business Administration from Walden University. 

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