#000: Welcome to Water Cooler Wisdom

Jake Blocker & Rachael Grail are excited to announce the launch of Interaction Associates' first podcast, Water Cooler Wisdom. Join us every other week, starting January 18, 2024, where we'll discuss the challenges and opportunities you're facing in your daily office life. We'll be joined by special guests that will provide their own tips and insights that will make your workday just a little bit easier. So, grab a tiny paper cone cup and join us at the water cooler.

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Water Cooler Wisdom

Welcome to "Water Cooler Wisdom" – the bi-weekly podcast that brings the heart of the office to your ears, wherever you are! Every other week, we dive into the buzz of the workplace, offering productivity hacks, team-building insights, and tales that resonate with anyone who's ever set foot in an office or logged in from home.Together, let's turn the ordinary office banter into extraordinary insights and shared experiences. Join us and make every moment as enriching as those around the water cooler – no matter where you are!

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