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Sonal Sheth Zawahri

Senior Consultant | Fishers, IN


Sonal teaches organizations how to implement “soft skills” such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, and leadership in a way that is customized to fit with their specific company culture.

This helps to drive success and continuous improvement for leaders which directly and indirectly affects productivity and achievement of organizational objectives. She focuses on showing how EQ fosters Diverse Workplaces.

Sonal is the Author of 7 Steps to STRETCH Beyond Your Comfort Zone and Harness Your Power in Life and Work Workbook and Contributing Author for Mentoring Moments: 14 Remarkable Women Share Breakthroughs to Success. She is the Founder of Tru You and has been involved in it since 2017.

She has a few favorite IA practices including:

  1. Sharing an Inspired Vision – This practice can be applied to the beginning of self-awareness and identifying what matters.
  2. Seek Maximum and Appropriate Involvement - Facilitators leverage the interest and talent of those around them by including them appropriately in the decision-making process. This is so beautifully tied into my Take Action process in her personal STRETCH process designed in her own work.
  3. Coaching and Celebrate Accomplishment – She feels it’s critical to celebrate the small wins along the way to empower the team to keep moving.

Sonal has a Bachelor of Science Education from Miami University, Oxford, OH and a Masters in Education from The Ohio State University. She has 17 years of experience teaching high school and college biology. During this time she also held positions as Director of Education and Educational Consultant for science teachers in charter schools. She also spent seven years in Educational Publishing for Wiley Publishing.

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