Essential Facilitation®

Core Skills for Guiding Groups to their Desired Outcomes

Tired of Unproductive Meetings?

Essential Facilitation® provides a framework of proven techniques for building understanding, human connection, and lasting agreements in meetings— skills as valuable in everyday life as they are in business. Our methods have been used by hundreds of organizations to generate faster decisions, increase creativity and productivity, shorten cycle times, and build support for implementation across stakeholder populations.

Participants leave with the confidence and the ability to facilitate effective meetings. This training provides individuals an opportunity to not only learn from expert facilitators, but other attendees in the workshop.

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Upcoming Essential Facilitation® Dates

October 25-27, 2022
Denver, CO


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"I can guide senior leaders through a prioritization process with skills I learned in Essential Facilitation. I'm more confident in combining my experience and charisma with facilitative behaviors to lead complex meetings with many stakeholders."
- Ryan Hull, Mobile Technology Supervisor

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